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GENERATIVE AI: Reimagining art and its creators

The master behind a masterpiece can now be a string of code. The technological changes we have been experiencing all these years have often been touted as disruptions to processes and businesses; seldom have concerns been raised about the threat to creativity as it is...

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Generative AI: Reimagining how we work

Here’s an opportunity to rethink careers and create new jobs After the initial curiosity and excitement about Generative AI tools like ChatGPT, the focus is now on the likely impact on the jobs. The recent report of Goldman Sachs has further added impetus to this...

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Reimagining learning with AI

ChatGPT can help the youth make informed career decisions. Generative AI has the potential to dramatically change the ways in which people learn, the efficiency of learning delivery and the costs thereof. Whether it is the learning experiences at the school,...

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CHATGPT: Boon or bane for financial services?

It’s still early days, so firms are treading a cautious path. Following the launch of ChatGPT and the excitement it has generated among netizens, businesses and academia alike have started to explore the potential use cases. In the financial services sector, not only...

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Generative AI: How ChatGPT can benefit HR

HR managers will need to learn to co-exist with such AI tools ChatGPT has taken the world by storm – within the first week of its official release it had over a million users and the adoption rate is galloping since then. Already several hundred startups have been set...

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