Reimagining learning with AI

Uma Ganesh | March 23, 2023 |

ChatGPT can help the youth make informed career decisions.

Generative AI has the potential to dramatically change the ways in which people learn, the efficiency of learning delivery and the costs thereof. Whether it is the learning experiences at the school, university or the corporate, the magnitude of impact it could create is left only to the visualisation and the vision of the educator and the learner.

Oftentimes we have spoken about customised learning based on the individual styles or requirements. ChatGPT and such tools could provide precise inputs for the specific queries of the students and drilled down answers would enable them to understand the concepts at the level they are comfortable with. Thus Generative AI could deliver the clarity students do not get in the context of human interactions and help them achieve mastery at their individual desired levels.

Whether it is essay writing or honing in their skills to maximise correct responses for likely questions in competitive examinations, students now have access to tools that could make them much more efficient. Teachers too could take help from these tools in the areas of lesson planning and in providing personalised inputs based on the performance of each student. Being able to quickly launch new courses with the help of tool generated content and reference sources is indeed a great boon to the teachers.

Career planning and drawing up personalised career learning pathways based on individual aspirations could become efficient with the help of such tools. Students who are not familiar with the corporate selection process and are attempting to appear for their interviews could get help in their preparation through mock interactions and even in resume preparationbased on job requirements. By equipping them with the information about career options, ChatGPT can help them make informed decisions about their careers.

It has been always challenging for both the trainers as well as those with learning disabilities to find a perfect match of the desired learning content and arriving at the expected outcomes. Generative AI would enable learning to take place in a non-judgemental space and provide feedback that would help them achieve language proficiency as well as subject matter.

As is the case with all technology tools, Generative AI tools when used in education—have associated risks which we should be cognizant of. Some of the essential skills required in the work environment– critical thinking and analytical skills are likely to be not challenged enough during the learning phase due to the dependence on the automated learning environment.

Just as automated mathematical tools have reduced the dependence on the human numerical skills, the generative AI tools may blunt these natural skills and make humans even more dependent on the automated tools. Striking a fine balance between technology and human endeavour would be the most important task of the teachers in future.

Originally appeared in Financial Express