Importance and need of the program

Software engineering provides systematic approach for analysis, design, implementation & maintenance of software through which software is developed. It forms the basis of operational design and development of virtually all computer systems. The discipline extends to application software on personal computers, connectivity between computers, operating systems and includes software for micro-controllers, small computers embedded in all types of electronic equipment. It is a fundamental part of today's information systems and engineering and our lives would be very different without it. It helps in bridging the gap between real time computing issues & software engineering practice.


Career opportunities in Software Engineering

Knowledge of Software Engineering methodologies help candidates to work with proficiency during the entire life cycle of software development. It is important for students to understand complete software development cycle with respect to important areas like change management system, designing and following different protocols.
Course Outline  
  Software Requirement Management
  Software Development Methodology
  Software Design Fundamentals
  Software Construction
Duration: 6 months  
Structure of the program: Total credit points (CP) : 4  
Fee per student: INR 5000/-  
Eligibility: Candidates with 10+2 years of formal education (or equivalent) or pursuing graduation in any stream with basic knowledge of computers  
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