Importance and need of the program:

Systems Administration is one of the most complex, fulfilling and misunderstood professions within the computing arena. Everybody who uses the computer depends on the Systems Administrator doing their job correctly and efficiently. However the only time users tend to give the Systems Administrator a second thought is when the computer system is not working.

Very few people, including other computing professionals, understand the complexity and the time-consuming nature of Systems Administration. Even fewer people realize the satisfaction and challenge that Systems Administration presents to the practitioner. It is one of the rare computing professions in which the individual can combine every facet of the computing field into one career.

What Systems Administrators Do

Systems Administration is an old responsibility gaining new found importance and acceptance as a profession. It has come into existence because of the increasing complexity of modern computer systems and networks and because of the economy's increasing reliance on computers. Any decent size business now requires at least one person to keep the computers running happily. If the computers don't work the business suffers. It can be said that Systems Administrators have two basic reasons for being ensuring that the computing system runs correctly and as efficiently as possible, and ensuring that all users can and do use the computing system to carry out their required work in the easiest and most efficient manner.

Career opportunities in Linux System Administration

Linux has a strong following in smartphones and other devices in the consumer electronics world. 64% of companies are planning to add more Linux servers in the next twelve months as per IDC estimates. It’s clear that companies are searching for skilled Linux talent - and they’re willing to pay a premium for it. There are more than 30,000 jobs listed at popular job websites at any point of time for Linux in India. So its indeed a very big opportunity for candidates skilled in linux.
Course Outline  
  Introduction to Linux OS
  Linux Basic Commands
  Managing Users, Processes & Files
  Security & Disaster Recovery
Duration: 6 months  
Structure of the program: Total credit points (CP) : 3  
Fee per student: INR 5000/-  
Eligibility: Candidates with 10+2 years of formal education (or equivalent) or pursuing graduation in any stream with basic knowledge of computers  
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