“The Indian University system currently accommodates only about ten million or one crore students. Considered as a percentage of either the total population of the country or of the college going population, the figure is much too small compared with corresponding figures in the advanced countries. We must, therefore, make every effort to make our educational system more accessible and inclusive. Experiences of other countries show that if universities become socially more inclusive, in the long run they gain academically. This program in MBA ( IT Enabled Financial Services) will provide and enhance the employability skills of the students. It will open the doors in the KPO/BPM sector for students going through the program.”

  'We believe that today we need to learn to integrate information from disparate sources, to connect the dots in order to solve complex problems. We push ourselves and our students to be open to new perspectives; receptive to different ways of looking at things. We develop the confidence to step forward with new ideas, even if those ideas contradict the prevailing wisdom. This step of collaborating with Global Talent Track for the MBA program (IT Enabled Financial Services) program was rather exciting for us to take our goal ahead. We hope students take this opportunity and benefit from the same over the time.”

Dr. S. Subramanian, Assistant Professor & Head (i/c),School  of Management Studies, TNOU
  "We are delighted to be associated with the visionary university – TNOU which has been taking strides in innovating programs and pedagogy based on the needs of the students. MBA in IT enabled Financial Services is yet another innovative program pioneered by TNOU to meet the growing needs for specialized managerial talent  of the industry. Our content and pedagogy team has been working closely with the university with the view to creating a wholesome and meaningful learning experience for the students through a combination of content and technology enabling them to access the program ‘anywhere, anytime’.

Dr.Uma Ganesh, CEO, Global Talent Track