Some of the research studies, conducted by institutions across the globe and in India suggest the importance of Soft Skills.

A study conducted on CEOs, by Stanford Research Institute & Carnegie Mellon in the USA: Long term job success depends 75% on people skills and only 25% on technical knowledge.

Study done by Harvard University: 85% of jobs & promotions are because of the candidate`s attitude & soft skills and only 15% due to facts and figures engineers have.

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Program Category

1) Certificate in Business Skills - 160 hours

Certificate in Business Skills - 160 hours

Vantage suite of programs is targeted at students to make them Industry ready and to neutralize their communicative English, prepare them for campus placements and for careers in Outsourcing. The program also helps working professionals to enhance their soft skills thereby increasing their career growth prospects.

2) Certificate in Spoken English - 120 hours

Certificate in Spoken English - 120 hours

This course will help an individual to overcome his/her mother tongue influence. Through this certificate course, the candidate will understand the importance of the accent, the intonation which will help the candidate to neutralize his/her communicative English.