Recent Events

Ishanya Foundation Graduation
The graduation ceremony started at 3pm on the 24th of August. Around 40 students from under privileged backgrounds proudly collected their merit certificates of completion.

A wonderful event where so many participants were appreciated for all the hard work they did to finish the course. The event was full of proud and happy faces to have achieved something they thought they wouldn’t have. The amount of gratitude and respect given to all their mentors, along with GTT’s trainer Ms Neha Kelkar, was very heart warming.

They had two competitions of Dress your Bride belonging to different countries and the second was a digital presentation to showcase the skills that they acquired during the course. All the students along with their faculties strived to make this event a success.

GTT’s esteemed leaders- Dr. Ganesh Natarajan and Ms. Manjiri Gokhale Joshi gave a heartfelt and inspiring speech about how a Fountain of Knowledge never runs dry for a person who wants and wishes to acquire it and how if you wish for something and strive to get it nothing and no one can stop you.

Understanding the need of the hour to generate employability in our nation is very necessary and this is exactly where Global Talent Track comes in to achieve this goal of skilling many for a successful and futuristic career.