Each One Hire One - Our mission is to provide suitable job opportunities to Persons with Disability (PwDs). We want to make them self-sufficient and help live a life with dignity.



Each One,
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Iraadon me Dum.
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Our Objectives

Creating Role Models with Strength!

Identifying Persons with Disability (PwDs).

Inspiring them to overcome the setback in life and to take on employment opportunities.

Reaching out to prospective employers and identifying
suitable jobs.

Offering free training programs and career counseling to prepare them to achieve success in job interviews.

We identify PwDs, inspire and motivate them to get upskilled and be a part of the workforce. We believe in approaching disability not as a setback to their career but a chance to learn and grow to achieve their goals. We provide end-to-end training to upgrade their skills, facilitate learning and find jobs that match their skill-set. We also mentor & groom them to prepare them for their corporate journey ahead.

How it Works?



Search Persons with Disability



Motivate and train



Find jobs that matches their skills



Groom them to create a valuable workforce

role modal

We want to create social role models for the society that send across a strong message that time invested in training and grooming an individual with any kind of disability results in creating a valuable workforce for the society.

Success Stories

Gauri, a child with Down’s Syndrome, a disorder that leads to delay in physical growth, characteristic facial features and learning disability is truly an example of how determination and acceptance of her condition on her part led her to work her way around it. Here is an example of a woman who could achieve a lot because people around her believed in her abilities.

When the future appears uncertain to many, Gauri under the tutelage of her mother never gave up. Her undying spirit and perseverance to overcome obstacles led her to a well-deserved path of self-belief and confidence. Gauri is a Special Olympics World Games 2007, Swimming medalist, Asia Pacific regional special Olympics games, 2013 swimming medalist. She is also open water and a Paralympics swimmer.

Gauri’s feats are not just limited to that, in the meanwhile she completed her graduation successfully, securing an impressive 58 percent in her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the famous SP College, in Pune.

Gauri, a resident of Bibwewadi, Pune, traveled the length and breadth of the city for her swimming lessons and managed her job with us, at GTT with a warm smile on her face. She worked with a team of recruiters and training co-ordinators and helped manage the trainees’ documentations required for the training program and their placements. She worked diligently and ensured that she complete her tasks within the stipulated time.

We all dream but few achieve them through sheer willpower and perseverance. Renuka Kedare is one such example.

Hailing from Dehu Road, a small town near Pune, Renuka being a differently-abled girl could not secure a job. However, she never gave in and together with her husband she learnt various skills.

When GTT discovered her, we sought the help of trainers and coaching experts to groom her well to boost her confidence and other relevant skills. We as a team were with her at every stage post her training through the selection process thus ensuring her success at every step of the way.

Renuka is a very cheerful woman full of life. During her training session with us, she was always smiling and way more intuitive and focused than a lot of others. She possessed the right talent for the hospitality industry and zeal to learn whatever she could to earn an honest living. She was good in lip-reading as well and despite being Speech and Hearing Impaired (SHI), she helped other SHI people to interpret what is being said through sign language.

She has been placed in Conrad Hotel, Pune after the training programme. The entire staff was quite helpful. Renuka is currently undergoing on-the-job training with the hotel. What started as a small step towards the journey to attain a job turned out to be a wonderful experience for her.

Inspiring Through Transformation

“Through Each One Hire One I had an opportunity to get skill development training which helped me increase my confidence. Post training I appeared for online interviews during lockdown and have been selected in Vindhya-e-Infomedia Private Limited as a Process Associate and currently I am undergoing induction & training for this new role. Thank you GTT.”

“GTT’s employability training helped me to clear interview & now I am working with Teleperformance where I am interacting with customers on everyday basis which is very interesting for me and I get to learn every day. My experience with this training program has been positive.”

“After joining GTT as Data Entry Executive I have started feeling independent and want to learn more. The training program has been beneficial to improve my confidence, communication and I am able to express my thoughts with clarity.”

“This training and placement program has given me motivation to change my life and I would like to thank the team at GTT for providing me this opportunity. I have joined Prahar Apangkranti Sanstha post the training program.”

“After completing my post-graduation in 2019 I have given multiple interviews but it was very difficult for me to secure a job being on a wheelchair. After attending the employability training program I understood how to crack interviews, how to attend virtual interviews & improve my communication skills which helped me to get a job with Kalwar Industries as Telemarketing Executive with work from home flexibility which is very good.”

“Due to COVID-19 I was laid off by my previous organization and was in search for a job. Luckily I got in touch with Global Talent Track and under their Each One Hire One program I was able to upskill myself and got an interview opportunity with Vindhya-e-Infomedia Private Limited. The best part is work from home provided to us during this situation.”

Industry Speaks

Words of Appreciation

We are associated with different NGO’s for our recruitment process. Usually we have seen around 2-3 walk-ins. After our meeting with GTT we saw around 50 walk-ins as a part of our first job drive. We gained a new confidence about mass recruitment and today we are confident about closing the positions along with GTT, in case Amazon gives even a requirement of 200 candidates within a short period of time.
We are also in the process of making our hiring process document proof because we understand with increasing strength of organization we have to streamline processes for the benefit of employees & organization. We are looking at more and more job drives with GTT after Lock down.
We are proud to be associated with GTT and wish all the best for their initiative with PwDs under ASMI Project.

Thank You Global Talent Track. They have a very interesting concept, especially for MSSI training candidates who really need to brush up at some juncture of life. Multiple Sclerosis stopped them from looking at anything else but their own acute physical problem and mental devastation that followed. Now with the help of GTT they are learning to look at something beyond themselves and get occupied positively. I strongly believe in invisible cure- diversion, as there is no other medical cure for them at the moment. I sincerely hope some of them will land up with jobs and spread a message to others that they are still useful. Thank you once again.

On the behalf of National Association for blind (NAB), India, we would like to express sincere thanks to GTT for conducting the training session for our Visually Impaired Candidates.
You played a very important role in making this training a success and we are highly grateful to you for this. We really appreciate your team being patient with our V.I. candidates and working so hard to boost their confidence.
We are proud of being associated with you. Thank you for motivating and guiding our Visually Impaired Candidates. They enjoyed this training. We appreciate your hard work and dedication.
Looking forward to your continuous support in this noble cause.

We are happy to be associated with GTT for taking over the responsibility of recruiting and training SHI candidates. We have been able to leverage our strengths for the ultimate benefit of the SHI community. The nation-wide operations of GTT combined with our extensive database and expertise in training has been impactful and we are committed to continue this partnership. Thank you.


Paving the path towards a life of dignity

We aim at helping PwDs to cross over hurdles of unemployment through various training programs and creating job opportunities for them.

The key objectives of this mission are:-

  • Skill development and sustainable jobs opportunities for PwDs.
  • Upholding their right to employment and self-esteem.

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