Case Studies

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Skilled over 200,000 Beneficiaries

Project 1: Transform Marginalized Youth to Employable Professionals
Among the programmes implemented by GTT in the area of employability, skills’ training is a mandate from one of the world’s premier financial institutions to train 200,000 students across India in 2017. This Programme combined blended learning, face to face sessions implemented across 2000 colleges, supplementary online and video content, industry visits and mentoring sessions for students by industry professionals culminating in placement. Participants have gained viable job opportunities in sectors like Telecom, Power & Energy, Auto, Hospitality and domestic IT companies.

Enrolled 1200 Beneficiaries

Project 2: The World’s Fourth Largest Private Employer
The development project had been rolled out over the course of a year and consisted of interactive training workshops as well as critical career development initiatives like career counselling, assignments, relevant industry visits to expose the beneficiaries to higher paying jobs / entrepreneurial ventures, practical assignments and live projects. This holistic approach ensured that all the teaching imparted in the classroom was absorbed, reflected upon, practiced through experimentation and witnessed at the workplace.

Project 3: A financial services company implements Corporate Social Responsibility led Skills programmes
A financial services company implemented Corporate Social Responsibility led Skills programme in collaboration with colleges across Maharashtra to Upskill, Train, making youth in Semi-urban & Rural Colleges employable. The first step in that direction was taken by improving the students English Communication Skills. On the same lines Corporate Social Responsibility led Skills programme activity was implemented by Global Talent Track in Athalye - Sapre - Pitre College in Devrukh, Ratnagiri. The training included Spoken English and Confidence Building Programme.
The Programme was done in 2 Phases for Final Year B.A., B.Com, B.Sc. students starting January 2018 till February 2018 and the next phase from 6th May to 12th May, 2018. The last leg was done post-exams. Overall 62 students attended the programme. The same culminated into financial service organizations’ CPBFI (Certification Program in Banking, Finance and Insurance) Training. The candidates successfully completing the certification were eligible to get job in Banking Finance and Insurance Domain; there have been instances wherein Financial Services Company absorbed these bright and promising students.