Global Talent Track’s ASMI – Employability for differently abled people is a distinctive training program aimed to provide suitable job opportunities to differently abled youth of our society. We plan to positivetly impact 6000 students ready to join the corporate ecosytem through this initiative.

We are addressing the root cause of the situation that why differently abled adults are not motivated enough, inspired or simply not confident enough to get out of the house and work. Even though they decide to work the jobs are basic in nature incapable of driving their potential.

ASMI takes instance lack of confidence, acceptability, being afraid and absence of exposure are some of the basic issues why differently abled yet employable youth of the country are not willing to work.The primarily reason is because of their upbringing they are accustomed of being taken care of by someone as the care takers are afraid of circumstances which can arrive if a disabled person leaves the safe environment of the house.

In order to create a more inclusive workplace, we at GTT play a crucial role in the development of accessible workforce.

We believe in approaching disability not as a setback to their career and give aspirations to help them to achieve their goals. We understand that simply hiring people with disabilities will not suffice and this is where the L&D team comes in. Our team creates as well as adapts content for diverse learning styles thus minimizing the barriers for people who are differently abled.

The L&D team helps in:
  • Readying the audience towards accepting them
  • Adapt training content making it accessible to the audience
  • Teaching social skills
  • Identification of career paths and other developmental opportunities

The objective of GTT’s - ASMI is to bring a wave of awakening in the highly westernized corporate ecosystem of today’s day and age under the organizational policies of diversity and inclusion (D&I) to hire more and more number of disabled individuals and let go of the common fears experienced by HR heads, business directors and team managers concerning with performance evaluation, health policies, employee benefits offered to individuals with disability.