Unique training methodology used by GTT
Blended Learning
Blended training methodology used by GTT


e-learning can simply be defined as any learning content that can be delivered using technology as the medium of delivery. In GTT, we use a Learning Management System (LMS) to host our e-learning modules. On registration, every user gets a login name and password. Using the login name and the password, the user can access the e-learning modules from anywhere using the Internet and learn at his/her own pace.

Workbook is a vital component in GTT’s teaching approach and enables a student to review and reflect upon the eLearning modules. It may cover a wide array of questions, exercises, self study resources, and case studies related to the module. It is an endeavour to stimulate the student’s thinking process so as to provide them with latest application oriented practical information about the various topics.

WebEx (virtual) Classroom
GTT uses WebEx, a virtual classroom technology provided by Cisco. This technology enables GTT to deliver lectures seamlessly across geographies using the Web as a medium. The virtual classroom is generally conducted by an expert faculty with industry experience. Unlike other Web-based mediums, WebEx facilitates a two way interaction between students and the experts. This helps the students to experience a rich learning experience which is very similar to being present in a physical classroom.

Face to Face Teaching
GTT combines the modern technology based learning with traditional face-to-face teaching. This is important, as a teacher is an important source for learning, guidance and motivation for a student. Depending on the nature of the course, face-to-face training is provided by either GTT trained faculty or a visiting faculty from the industry.

Online Quizzes and Exams
All the content delivered by GTT is supported by smart reporting system at the backend. The system consists of online quizzes and exams, administrated at the various stages of a learning delivery. The system can be customized to track a student’s individual learning needs. The reports generated by the system can be used for improving a student’s overall performance.

Video is a powerful medium of instruction when it comes to demonstrating concepts to students. GTT produces high quality instructional videos that are used as a part of the learning delivery process.

Blog and Wikis
As a part of the constructivist approach towards learning undertaken by GTT, students are provided access to Blogs and Wikis. The Blogs and Wikis are hosted inside the GTT environment with an objective to provide students a platform for collaboration.