Introduction Virtual Reality

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Introduction to Virtual Reality 8hrs(1 day) or 4hrs+4hrs(2days) Virtual Reality Virtual Reality (VR) is the incorporation of a
3-dimensional, interactive computer-generated reality. Sight, sound and sometimes even the touch are simulated to give the user a 360° immersive and highly interactive experience.
The Virtual Reality (VR) course concerns with concepts and fundamental notions of the virtual reality systems.
The participants will study the development, processing, user interaction and visualization of virtual reality models.
This course covers virtual system architecture, input and output devices required, graphics and designing methodologies and techniques for VR application design.
At the end of this course, the participants will will be able to develop a 3D scene of virtual objects by using actual technologies, modeling languages, particular tools and frameworks.

Table Of Content Virtual Reality

Sr. No Topics Sub Topics In Min
1 Introduction To Virtual Reality(VR) What Is Virtual Reality(VR)? 60
History Of Virtual Reality(VR)
1. History –A Revolutionary Research
2. History-Landmark Events
2 Types Of Virtual Reality(VR) 1. Immersive Virtual Reality(VR) 60
2. Window On World(WOW) Virtual Reality(VR)
3. Telepresence Virtual Reality
4. Video Mapping Virtual Reality(VR)
5. Mixed Virtual Reality(VR)
3 Components Of Virtual Reality(VR) Hardware Virtual Reality Components:
1. Primary User Input Interface
2.Tracking Interface
3. Auditory Interface
4. Haptic Interface
5. Olfactory Interface
Software Virtual Reality Components:
1. Requirement Analysis
2. Designing and 3D Modeling
3. Developing and Programming VR Devices
4. Application Designing
5. Developing VR Videos
6. Testing and Calibration
7. Maintenance and Application Updates
8. Security
4 Virtual Reality Game Design(Case Study) Case Study Introduction 120
Reference Links For Game Design
5 Applications Of Virtual Reality(VR) Virtual Reality In Games 90
Virtual Reality In Entertainment
Virtual Reality In Tourism
Virtual Reality In Healthcare
Virtual Reality In Education
Virtual Reality In Engineering
Virtual Reality In Fashion
6 Virtual Reality Market Share Market Share For Virtual Reality In Different Domains 30
Virtual Reality Hardware VS Software Ration By 2030
    Total Hrs 480