Introduction UX Design

Course Name Course Objective Prerequisite
Introduction to User Experience Design • This is an introductory course on User Experience Design. No prerequisite required. Open for all streams.
  • It will help you to develop a basic understanding of User Experience Design,
the various aspects of the design process, its importance in product design.
  • The course will brief you on the background work that needs to be done with respect to product design .  

Table Of Content UX Design

Module Sub Modules Sub Module Content  
Introduction to
User Experience
User Experience
concept introduction
Examples of bad experiences and their effect on product sales.
Importance of User centered design.
How UX plays a role in overall brand satisfaction.
Difference Between UI & UX
Factors that influence UX
Examples of brands who are succeful due to their great UX.
Introduction to UX Design User Experience Design concept introduction What is designing phase and when it appears in product development phase.
How design phase is crucial in entire development.
What is designing for experience mean.
Exmples of good UXD products.
Key elements of UXD Sub phases which makes up the entire UX design phase.
What are things need to be know before starting with actual design.
Overview and importance of each sub phase.
Guidelines What matters most when it comes to designing.
Best practiced guidelines for UX designs.
Mediums to implement UXD What is digital interaction and its importance.
Introduction about various platforms of digital interaction.
Overview regarding how UXD plays an important role in the designing for these mediums.
UXD Key Elements Overview UX Design Process Overview Sequential phases which appears in design phase.
What is the specification of each step w.r.t entire design process.
Recap of key elements of UXD Recall to sub modules which makes up the
UX design.
User Research Overview What is meant by User research
why and when it should be carried out
different types of user research methods available.
Examples of few best practiced methods for user research.
Information Architecture Overview What is mean by information w.r.t user interface.
How IA helps to organize the information.
Why well structure IA is imp for better UX.
Interaction Design Overview What is mean by communication with Interface.
How to design this communication effectively with the help of interaction design
Visual Design Overview Understand how interface plays an imp role to give first impression.
Components that makes up visual design.
How visual design plays an imp role to enhance the look and feel of an interface.
Usability Testing/Engineering Usability Concept explanation
What is the importance of testing
How testing feedback helps to improve usability.
When and how to caonduct effective usability testing.
UX Strategy Strategy concept introduction What is mean by strategy and why is it important.
Mapping of strategy with designing.
(clash of user and business needs)
Why UX strategy and how it plays an important role.
UX Strategy Key Components What makes up a UX strategy
Overview of each tenets of UX strategy
Business strategy
Value Innovation
Validated User Research
Killer UX
Building winning UX strategy What are the things to keep in mind while planning a UX strategy.
Best practiced guidelines overview.
UX strategy models overview.
Benefits of UX strategy How a good UX strategy guides the UX design process.
How UX strategy helps to grow the business.