Table Of Content - Cyber Security

Introduction Objective: Pre-requisites
Our daily life is becoming more and more dependent on Internet. The internet based tools and services are used to share sensitive data. This has led to demand grows for experts in the field of cyber security. This course serves as an introduction to the exciting field of cybersecurity. 1. Learner will be able to explain the core information assurance (IA) principles
2. To gain knowledge and understanding of information security issues in relation to the design, development and use of information systems
3. Learner will be able to describe basic risk management processes and practices

TOC Cyber Security

Sr. No. Topics Sub-topics In Min Theory / Practical
1 Overview of Information Security What is Information Security 30 Theory
Why is Information Security Important ?
2 Design Consideration of Information Security Models
CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)
Information Classification
Multi Layer Security
60 Theory
Risk Assessments
Design Vs Implementation
Threats and Mitigations
3 Secure Software Life Cycle Analysis 30 Theory
4 Protecting Information Steps to protect data (Threats Mitigation) 60 Theory / Practical
Encryption and Digital Signing
System Backups
Automatic updates
Browser security
Application Security
Non-administrative accounts
5 Security Measures for Windows OS Securing Microsoft Windows O/s 30 Theory / Practical
Configuring IE (Intent Explorer)
Rights / Permissions / ACL
Managing Application Support
Managing Services
6 Myths about Cyber Security Security Myths 30 Theory / Practical
Common Security Misconceptions
List of “DO NOT DO” activities
7 Labs & Case Studies: Labs on cyber security 120 Practical
Case studies 60 Theory / Practical
    Total Hrs 420 7 Hrs