Why Apps
It’s not only the tech companies who are interested in mobile applications. Almost every brand today wants to have a mobile application...Read more
  About the Program
GTT presents the ‘Certified Application Developer’ a unique program developed in association with Intel that will help you to become a mobile application developer in just 30 days!...Read more
  Sample Projects Category
There are more than 20 categories available where you can publish your app. Your creativity and the sky is the only limit for you...Read more
About GTT
Global Talent Track (GTT) is a path breaking global educational initiative and corporate training solutions company, set up by some of the best minds from the industry, academia and technology domains. Funded by Intel Capital and Helion Ventures. The company was set up in 2008, with a vision to make more than 4,50,000 youth of the country employable by the end of 5 years. Read more