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  With companies scrambling to build mobile apps, there's a gold rush on for developers willing to upgrade their technical skills.As the market demand surges to new heights, the companies are struggling to find application developers with the requisite skill set.

To put the demand in some perspective here are few facts:

  • Global App Sales is expected to hit the figure of $ 20 billion in year 2012.
  • The Global App Sales is projected to grow to $100.1 billion by year 2015.

  • The number of platforms hosting applications is estimated to grow by 50% in year 2015.
“There is more demand than supply because there aren't enough great mobile developers out there.“
Ellen Pack, VP of marketing, Elance.com
With the tremendous growth of the App development industry. the demand for App developers has been on rise.As this is a new trend in the IT industry,not many aspiring developers are aware of promising careers in Application Development. The total number of jobs for App developers on all online job portals has increased 52 %.

Its not just the IT companies who are in search of talented App developers,today all kinds of products and services companies are gearing up to come up with various apps.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Apps developemt careers:

1. What is Application Development?

Application development is the creation of programs that perform micro-tasks or functions for software and hardware. Programmers and developers write source code for any number of actions – for example, sending an e-mail automatically to a man’s girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Cloud computing has enabled robust application development to be conducted in the online environment.

Apps are the next big thing

Just like the Internet in the 1990s, apps are the next big thing because:

1. Apps allows one to store important content on a handheld device.
2. Since apps are designed for a handheld device, the reading experience is far superior to attempting to read the same content located on a web site.
3. Most apps are reasonably priced and some are free.

2. What are the skills required to become an Apps developer?

- Technology Knowledge for developing apps
- Knowledge of Apps SDK for uploading the app in apps space.

3. Can a recent college graduate become an Apps Developer?

Yes, a recent college graduate if trained on the requisite skill sets for Apps developer can become a successful application developer.

4. How can one be a successful Apps Developer?

Developers who are steeped in the belief of modern object-oriented programming and understand user interface and design patterns will have an added advantage to be a successful Application Developer.

5. How difficult is job profile of an Apps Developer compared to the job profile of a software developer?

Although, both the jobs require strong technical know-how of the requisite technology however, for Application Developer one gets the oppurtunity to be more dynamic and creative; as an App developer has to understand his user’s needs and develop various interfaces.

6. How do people access apps? Pl provide some examples.

Apps can be access app from various devices such as smart phones,note books,tablets and PC’s.Most popular platforms include Intel AppUp,Apple Istore,Android Market and Google Chrome store.

7. How would GTT help someone to become an Apps developer?

Gtt which has been one of the pioneers in providing employability skills to todays youth provides the best plat form to an aspirant to become a succesful Application Developer.GTT has partnered with world’s one of the largest technological solutions company-Intel to prepare the best training methdology and curriculum to make one an Application Developer. The exclusively designed ‘hands on module’ will help a candidate to understand the skills set in an enhanced way.

About the Exclusive Program offered by GTT:
GTT presents the ‘Certified Application Developer’, a unique program developed in association with Intel that will help you to become a mobile application developer in just 30 days!

The program will train you on technology required to develop a mobile application and related Software Development Kit (SDK.)

On successful completion of the program you will be given an internship with GTT. But that’s not all! You will even have chance to publish your app (if selected) in the Intel AppUp platform and become a part of Intel Developers Community.

  Program Highlights
    1. Successful Projects will be published in Intel AppUp Platform  
    2. Exposure to HTML 5, the next big thing in Web Technologies
    3. Hands on training on J2ME and SDK
    4. Upon successful completion internship with GTT

About GTT
Global Talent Track (GTT) is a path breaking global educational initiative and corporate training solutions company, set up by some of the best minds from the industry, academia and technology domains. Funded by Intel Capital and Helion Ventures. The company was set up in 2008, with a vision to make more than 4,50,000 youth of the country employable by the end of 5 years. Read more